Welcome to Kanga. We are a team of experts that helps companies transform their marketing for a digital world and embed digital channels into healthcare communications. Most of our clients are pharmaceutical companies but we also work across industries.

Many organisations still spend 80-90% of their marketing budget on face to face and printed channels, but their customers do more then 90% of their information-seeking in digital channels – online and mobile. The same applies to non-promotional medical communications.

How can companies align more closely to the needs of health professionals and patients?

You need the right skill set, tool set and most of all, the mind set.

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What we do

Create Urgency

…amongst your senior leadership by showing them the imperatives of the post-digital healthcare environment and market.


…best practices, policies and frameworks to help embed digital across the enterprise.


…your teams to include digital and mobile in their plans and programs.


…digital, mobile and social solutions, assets and campaigns.


…marketers, medical, legal and others to choose the right channels and execute with excellence.


…you with expertise, advice, examples from many years’ experience.