– February 19th, 2016

Feel+ Website for Prostate Cancer Support Launches

Feel+, Ferring's Prostate Cancer Support Website Launched by Kanga

The Feel+® Programme and new website

The Feel+ programme and website is a support programme for men with prostate cancer who are receiving hormonal treatment.

Kanga working with Ferring Pharmaceutical, developed a digital version of the successful offline program to help men on hormonal therapy for their prostate cancer stay well. We joined up Urologists, nurses and patients to develop this informational website as a first step to getting support. Learn more at

The aim was to provide Ptips on improving the food choices, getting men talking about the disease and receiving help.


Who Developed The Feel+ Programme?

The Feel+ Programme was developed in collaboration with Professor Bertrand Tombal of Cliniques Universitaires Saint-Luc in Brussels Belgium, a specialist in the treatment of prostate cancer, with the support of Ferring. And Feel+ is endorsed by Europa Uomo – The European Prostate Cancer Coalition.

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