– April 24th, 2020

Kanga’s 7th Birthday

Seven, the world’s favourite number apparently and definitely a great number for Kanga.

As we close the week on Kanga’s 7th birthday (our Kangaversary), we are also celebrating our seventh fantastic new client win, in just under 6 months! Well done team Kanga!

So, what is the secret to our continued success? Here are just seven of the many reasons why clients tell us they love working with Kanga:

  1. We co-create solutions. We often get asked from non-clients, why does Kanga involve patients, HCPs, customers, marketeers, and others in our insight and research processes. Why? It delivers the best results, and the right solution first time as it is derived from ‘real’ need and insights and not just product or company desire.
  2. We act like an extension to our client’s team.
  3. Kanga delivers on time (if not before) and on budget, always.
  4. We put in place a multichannel strategy. We’ve all seen how the Covid-19 pandemic has impacted business operations and daily working lives. But for those companies that rely on face to face channels and have not embraced a multichannel approach this difficult time is going to be extra tricky. Client’s love Kanga’s multichannel approach as it delivers a consistent and seamless customer experience; it links up internal teams and removes silos; and it offers added value removing waste and syncing up programs for sharing and best practice.
  5. We think ‘inside out’. There is no point powering forward a brand and offering innovative new services if inside the company employees are struggling to keep up. Digital transformation needs to start inside with your teams. For over 4 years we have trained 6000+ people in digital excellence from Reps to Managers, Brand Marketeers, and Leaders. We have not only seen massive rises in capability, but also in company success as clients gain confidence in new areas.
  6. Measurement and KPIs are key. Upfront Kanga ensures every project has a clear set of targets and measurement indicators. Without these in place how do you know if your project has been successful, and how to improve ongoing?
  7. And finally, we are genuinely good fun to work with. Not only does Kanga have immense talent across its 40+ employees we also know that as work is such a big part of your life, if you don’t enjoy it and bring passion to what you do, it just doesn’t work.

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