– September 24th, 2020

Acromunity website launches in both the US & Australia

Acromunity – A global patient resource for Acromegaly information and support, is now available in both the US and Australia

Acromunity is an online resource designed and developed by Kanga Health for Ipsen Pharmaceutical for patients living with Acromegaly (a condition caused by an excess of growth hormone due to a pituitary tumour)

The website provides information and support for people with the condition, their family and friends, and others who are interested in learning more. The content was conceived, developed and fine-tuned with patients living with Acromegaly and healthcare professionals (a process hallmark of Kanga) to ensure the solution is always 100% customer-centric.

Acromunity covers a diverse array of information including help on causes and symptoms of the condition, support for those living with Acromegaly, as well as patient stories, a comprehensive FAQs section and links to further patient support groups. 

The site has already reached more than 79,000 people and is live in 5 countries, with 8 more planned to launch.

The two site launches and are the latest local editions of the global service Kanga has developed.

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