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“6 ways to digitise your business at pace.”

Join us for Kanga’s new webinar series.

Six, 45-minute webinars (including 15 minutes Q&A time with our experts) over three weeks. Focusing on key topics to provide healthcare and pharma brands with simple, practical steps to move towards a more multichannel approach.

Even if you cannot join the webinars, please register for the sessions and consent to further communications and you will receive the presentations by email.(Kanga privacy policy)

Webinar 1: Enable your field force for remote engagement
Tuesday, 2nd June, 11:00 am BST

Join us for the first of our webinars focusing on how to transform your approach to remote field force engagement during lockdown and beyond...

The session will focus on a best practice approach for marketers and field-based reps to respond to customers’ requests at the point of need, now and for the future. The adoption of new channels was a nice to have is now a ‘must have’. The session will outline top tips from Kanga Health’s global remote engagement training program moving reps away from presenting product and promotions to multichannel orchestrators who have their customers’ needs and channel preferences at the centre of any approach. The webinar will help you to:

  • Understand why rep led remote engagement is game changing
  • Learn how you can enable your field force to deliver effective and valuable remote calls with customers who chose to engage during current face to face restrictions
  • Key tips on how to set up for success across field teams, sales leadership and marketing colleagues

Webinar 2: When a symposium becomes a webinar
Wednesday, 3rd June, 11:00 am BST

A focus on how to set-up and run your own virtual symposiums and webinars

This webinar will look at interim solutions to set-up and run symposiums whilst face-to-face contact is not available and congresses are not running. Kanga will take you through a simple 5-step process, highlighting the opportunities and pitfalls of taking your symposium online, to help ensure your next webinar is a success. You will also hear top tips on:

  • What you need to think about before you start your planning
  • Why your KOL may not be the best person to lead
  • How ‘on demand’ content can improve sales and engagement

Webinar 3: Keep in touch (email)
Monday, 8th June, 11:30 am BST

How pharma and health brands can use email more effectively as part of a multichannel approach.

In this webinar Kanga looks at using tailored content, served via rep channels or appropriate and relevant newsletter content to provide value for HCPs. And how email as a strategic tool can lead customers to useful company owned resources for future content needs, adding value and helping them serve their patients more effectively. You will also understand top tips to:

  • Creating the right email content as part of a customer sales strategy
  • Why serving the customer vs. selling your product is more successful
  • Key tips on good email construction (subject line, pre-head, images, call-to-action).

Webinar 4: Get your house in order and get visible (websites and search)
Tuesday, 9th June, 9:30am BST

A look at what content brands can make available via the channels that have most impact and reach with your customers?

Customers without time for meetings will still be using websites and search to answer their clinical questions and gather information they need. Learn how to leverage websites to drive stakeholder engagement and search to drive your business. In this webinar Kanga looks at  why websites and search are so important and what makes a great website. You will also understand:

  • Why we need websites
  • What makes a great website  
  • 7 steps to developing a great website and content strategy.

Webinar 5: Join the social conversation
Tuesday, 16th June, 11:30 am BST

A guide on how social media can be an important part of your sales and marketing toolkit to form part of a successful multichannel approach.

Kanga will discuss how healthcare and pharma brands can use social channels successfully, connecting to professional groups, HCPs and KOLs. Giving you the confidence to include social media in your marketing mix. You will also learn:

  • How to develop your social listening approach and strategy to understand the narrative around your therapy areas and brands
  • Advice on the right content strategy
  • How to interact and join the conversation
  • How to plan and measure campaigns

Webinar 6: Change management: digital training
Wednesday, 17th June, 14:30 pm GMT

The final webinar in our series focuses on transforming your business inside. A  guide on how to embed digital capability and a digital mindset. 

Kanga has delivered multichannel training for many pharmaceutical and health brands, training over 3000 pharma delegates all over the world in the last 5 years, including many countries of Europe, the US, Australia, Japan, China, Korea, Singapore, Mexico Dubai and  Canada. And is the preferred training partner for 4 of the top 10 pharma companies. What you will gain from attending this webinar:

  • The training areas to focus on now and why
  • Key tips and techniques to help you digitise your team
  • What to consider before starting a training program

Please note, the webinars are for healthcare and pharma professionals only.

What our clients say…

It was great to have Kanga’s expertise when facing challenges with this programme.

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